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Art Of Animals

They say god is an artist, and if that is true then the world is surely his canvas. Look around you and you will find that the environment around you is the greatest piece of art that you will come across. There is art in the skies, art in the trees and flowers, art in the coral reefs of the ocean, art in animals - Art everywhere. You just need the eyes to decipher beauty and art where it is not. Of all the elements mentioned above, there is nothing quite like the art of the animal kingdom or the
Art Created by Animals.
Some natural animal art is a gift of nature. The patterns left behind on sand by rattle-snakes. The intricate and fractal web spun by spiders. But there is more intentional and straightforward art made by animals. For instance, the male ‘Vogelkop Gardener’ bower bird the males build one of the most intricate and aesthetically-pleasing pieces of art to woo their female counterparts as mating partners.
In 1954 the chimpanzee called ’Congo’ took the world by surprise at the London Zoo. At two years of age, the Chimpanzee picked up the pencil and started making art, he uickly graduated to paintbrushes and started producing more abstract art. He and his art were featured in the British Television Network and then later exhibited at the ‘Institution Of Contemporary Arts’
While some animal art is abstract in nature, other is very straightforward. Whether it comes to drawing painting, we are now assured that human beings aren’t the only animals capable of creating art or deriving satisfaction from it. Painting has been proven to one of the several activities through which the animals can exercise their minds, instead of just their bodies. The idea is to stop animals from reverting to repetitive patterns. But does it work? The studies and research are still underway.
Some of these paintings can be closely related to psychedelic art. Fractal patterns and colors that are highly neurotic in nature and forces your mind to align with that of the artist. The feeling of extra dimensions created by these artworks is very profound in their impact.
Here are some examples of art done by animals, be ready to get your minds blown to smithereens.
The following are animals and their artworks:
1. Elephant 2. Sumatran Orang-utan 3. Chimp 4. Gorilla 5. Elephant 6. Human being
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