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Find out if you are a Hippie!

Have you ever?

    1. Been born to parents who've seen the Grateful Dead?

    2. Been referred to as the "hippie friend?"

    3. Embraced it?

    4. Been known as the "barefoot kid?"

    5. Worn a pair of TOMS?

    6. Owned a "drug rug?"

    7. Worn a "Steal Your Face" shirt?

    8. Worn a tie-dye T-shirt?

    9. Tie-dyed your own T-shirt?

    10. Grown hair below your shoulders?

    11. Dreaded your hair?

    12. Traveled in a Volkswagen van?

    13. Visited Greenwich Village?

    14. Visited Haight-Ashbury?

    15. Believed West Coast is the Best Coast?

    16. Relate to "The Dude?"

    17. Actively practised Dudeism?

    18. Consider "festival season" the best time of the year?

    19. Been to a music festival?

    20. Multiple?

    21. Made festival plans for next year already?

    22. Hula hooped?

    23. Played hacky sack?

    24. Spun fire?

    25. Followed a band on tour?

    26. Grateful Dead?

    27. Phish?

    28. Smoked weed?

    29. Taken LSD?

    30. Taken Magic Mushrooms?

    31. Had a bad trip?

    32. Had a fucking mind-blowingly phenomenal trip?

    33. Traveled alone to a remote place to "find yourself?"

    34. Actually "found yourself?"

    35. Believed in dream catchers?

    36. Hung tapestries from your walls?

    37. Beside a Bob Marley and/or Jimi Hendrix poster?

    38. Burned incense?

    39. Flocked to the scent of patchouli?

    40. Refused to listen to the radio?

    41. Rather listen to music than watch TV?

    42. Believed music sounds better on vinyl?

    43. Played an instrument?

    44. In front of a live audience?

    45. Been a part of a protest?

    46. Considered yourself a liberal?

    47. Voted for a 3rd party?

    48. Believed hemp could solve all our problems?

    49. Pulled a plastic bottle out of the trash and recycled it?

    50. Contributed to a compost pile?

    51. Owned a rainstick?

    52. Done yoga?

    53. Meditated?

    54. Had a spiritual experience?

    55. Believed something happened because the "Universe wanted it to?"

    56. Been a vegetarian for more than a week?

    57. Actually enjoyed it?

    58. Planted a garden and maintained it?

    59. Believed in "free love?"

    60. Practiced it?

    61. More than once?

    62. Wanted to travel back to 1969 and attend Woodstock?

    63. Actually travelled back to 1969 and attended Woodstock?

How many did you cross off?
<12: You are most definitely not a hippie. You enjoy a structured lifestyle and don't "go against the grain" very often, but that's OK! The world wouldn't be the same without you.
12-20: You're kind of a hippie, but don't flaunt it. You could jam out at a concert, or smoke some weed here and there, but you don't really consider yourself "a hippie."
>20: You're the equivalent of a modern-day hippie. You proudly show your passion for peace, love, and happiness. Your children will eventually grow up and have the absolute best taste in music.

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