Psychedelics and Religion

Psychedelics and Religion - Ultra Tribe
As indicated by the late extraordinary Terence McKenna, access to and ingestion of hallucinogenic mushrooms was a development for our omnivorous predecessors that provided humankind with the principal of religious motivation.
According to various studies, it has been found that around 100,000 years ago, certain homo sapiens started consuming intentionally selected, prepared creatures that contained psychedelic alkaloids. This was the origin of the stimulant for the emergence of peak altered state of consciousness in our species.
One of the many possible theories is, that In the end, a religious love of the great exercises of nature advanced into out and out belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe. Because of the mind’s cortexes which enabled individuals to consider otherworldly thoughts and envision incredible accounts. Therefore, faith in things like magic, the spirit, and eternal life came to the forefront. Shamanic storytellers even started to make tales to describe important occasions and encounter. Certain destinations were likewise esteemed as hallowed spots, and others were eternally damned.
The Indian yogic scholar ‘Patanjali’ in his literature talks about the mystic powers that can be aroused by the use of certain ‘healing plants’ or ‘herbs’. In later literary works of ‘Vyasa’ there are multiple mentions of the elixirs of the asuras ‘demons’. Adi Shankara also claims to have known of the Vedic drink called ‘Soma Ras’. Furthermore, Buddhist tantras mention the nectar ‘amrita’ which was drunk in rituals and was associated with the tradition of ‘spiritual intoxication’.
Some denominations disapprove of the use of most illicit drugs,some of them allow moderation while others do not have an official stance. Jesus and many other biblical figures drank wine, most christian denominations do not require teetotalism. In other sects, it is believed that wine is some form of blood of christ.
Islam, on the contrary, has been known to prohibit all drugs that are not medically prescribed.The Quran has several verses which explicitly prohibit drugs for the reason that they will alter your state of consciousness and for the reason that they harm your body.
Rastafari Movement
A Lot of Rastafaris believe that cannabis, ‘the herb’, ‘Kaya’ or ‘Ganja’ is a sacred gift from ‘Jah’. It can be used for spiritual and psychological purposes but should not be used in profanity. The use of other drugs like alcohol is frowned upon. Many in this movement believe that the wine consumed by Jesus was nonalcoholic in nature.
All religions in their own right have mentions of why or why not to use psychedelics, which proves the existence of psychedelics and their known or unknown use. To know more about psychedelics and the art, literature, and cultures associated with it visit us at

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