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The Biggest Upcoming Psytrance Festivals Of 2019

There is no particular season or time of the year to celebrate Psy. The festivities flow all year round across the globe. The Psy tribe believes in celebrating life and dwell in music that epitomises peace.  The coming quarter of July- September is gonna be one crazy one with so many big festivals lined to take place.

We have shortlisted the best of them all and curated the hand-picked ones for you. If you are planning to attend one of the festivals this season you may choose one on the following and trust us you won’t be disappointed even a grain.

1. Shankra

Country: Switzerland

Dates: 17 July - 21 July 2019

Artists: Goa Gil (24 hour set), Altruism, Aphid Moon, Electrypnose, Hypnoise, Juno Reactor, Logic Bomb, NOK, Kabayun, Protonica, Perfect Stranger, Khainz, Emok, Creator

2.  VooV Experience

Country: Germany

Dates: 19 July - 22 July 2019

Artists: Captain Hook, Tristan, Astrix, Ace Ventura, Atmos

 3. Ozora

Country:  Hungary

Dates: 29 July - 04 August 2019

Artists: Alpha Portal, Burn in Noise, Chromatone, Dick Trevor, Electric Universe, Eat Static, Sonic Species, Tristan, Regan

Check Out: Ozora Festival 2018 Photo Gallery

4. Momento Demento (MoDem)

Country: Croatia

Dates: 05 August - 11 August 2019

You may gauge the popularity of the festival by the fact that its this year’s edition was declared sold out in the month of March-April only. MoDem Festival not only celebrates psy culture but also highlights the natural treasure.

5. Freedom

Country: Portugal

Dates: 06 August - 12 August 2019

Artists: 1200 Mics, Ace Ventura, Ajja, Alpha Portal, Astrix, Bliss, Dick Trevor, Altruism, Dust, Earthling, Earthspace, Emok, Fungus Funk, Hujaboy, Hypogeo, Imagine Mars, Kalya Scintilla, Merkaba, Rinkadink, Talamasca, Virtual Light, Waio

6. ZNA Gathering

Country: Portugal

Dates: 19 August - 26 August 2019

Artists: Astral Projection, Atmos, Dino Psaras, GMS, Hullucinogen, Juno Reactor, Koxbox, Man With No Name, Shpongle, Tristan, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Vibrasphere

7. Free Earth

Country: Greece

Dates: 22 August - 26 August 2019

Confirmed Artists: Tristan, Eat Static, E-Clip, Earthling, Morten Granau, Zyce, Gaudium, Drip Drop, Whiptongue, Virtual Light, Hypogeo, Giuseppe

8. Psy-Fi

Country: Netherlands

Dates: 28 August - 01 September 2019

The Psy-fi Festival is one of the recent additions to the psytrance festivals but its popularity is unmatched. This Dutch festival takes place in an absolutely serene setting of nature.

9. Hadra Trance

Country: France

Dates: 29 August - 01 September 2019

Ever since their inception in 2001, Hadra has fought a tough battle against authorities. They’re coming up with the fourth edition of Hadra Trance Festival this time.

10. Indian Spirit

Country: Germany

Dates: 29 August - 02 September 2019

Artists: Freedom Fighters, Skazi, Querox, Bubble, Bliss, Omiki, Ritmo, Vini Vici, Ticon, Captain Hook, Metronome, Tristan, Alpha Portal, Morten Granau, Blastoyz, Phaxe, Ghost Rider, Neelix, Liquid Soul, Berg

11. Alien Safari Sprung

Country: Cape Town, South Africa

Dates: September 2019

One of the oldest PsyTrance Festivals around the world, Alien Safari is South Africa’s pride possession. It’s an annual festival that takes place every year around this time of the year only.

These eleven festivals have some big names that are gonna be performing. We are personally very excited for Ozora and Indian Spirits. Which all are your favourite? Do let us know.

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